Comparison of structural MRI methodologies for measuring atrophy of structures in the medial temporal lobe

There are several approaches for quantifying the size of MTL structures using structural neuroimaging, including visual rating scales (VRS), volumetry (3D), planimetry (2D) and linear measures (1D), as depicted in this figure.

A comparison among the different methods for quantifying atrophy of the MTL based on structural neuroimaging is presented in this table.

Comparison compare the results of a manual planimetric measure (the yearly rate of absolute atrophy of the medial temporal lobe, 2D-yrA-MTL) with the results of an automated volumetric measure (the yearly rate of atrophy of the hippocampus, 3D-yrA-H).
ROC curves in the differential diagnosis of AD vs controls (left) and AD vs MCI (right).  


  1. Hello. I have seen good posting. I think the table that compares the automated ratings and the visual rating is well organized. I would like to quote this table slightly modified in my article, but I would like to ask you how to apply a reference to it. Just for this site or do you have any own article to be cited? Thank you.

  2. Yes, thank you.
    That table is included in the following paper, please cite it
    Manuel Menéndez-González, Aníbal Fernández Oliveira, Francisco Conejo Bayón, Jesús
    Maese, Tamara Mesas Uzal, Estibaliz Herrera de la Llave, Tania Álvarez Avellón. Planimetry of the medial temporal lobe: a feasible method for supporting the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in clinical practice. Neurology and Neuroscience 2015;1(8) doi: 10.3823/355

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